The Genesis Process is a faith-based comprehensive program designed for the treatment of addictive, compulsive, and destructive behaviors, where the primary focus is on drilling down to why the symptoms of addiction and destructive behaviors exist. We believe that treating outward behavior without changing the “faulty belief systems” or getting to “the source of the pain” is counter-productive, long term.

Treatment is provided in an intensive one-on-one setting, where clients tend to open up and “get to work” faster, since some of the barriers that prevent full transparency and engagement are not present. After a foundation has begun to form, group sessions are incorporated into the treatment plan, so the client is able to benefit from the dynamics of a group and for building a stronger support system.

  1. An Intensive Faith-Based Outpatient Program for the treatment of Addictions & Destructive Behaviors

  2. Individual one-on-one sessions (1 ½ hours each)

  1. Intake / Assessment

  2. Identifying the issues that drive the destructive behavior

  3. Understanding the addictive brain and the connection between neurochemicals, emotions, and behaviors

  4. Cognitive Self Change (CSC)

  1. Identifies & addresses destructive patterns of behavior

  2. Examines the detriment of faulty beliefs

  3. Challenges faulty beliefs with rational thinking

  4. Addresses the principles of choice, personal accountability, and responsibility

  5. Processes through issues of grief & un-forgiveness

  6. Uses a variety of faith-based techniques to promote growth, stability, and emotional healing

(24-28 Sessions; Twice per week)

  1. Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention Planning

  2. Life Management Skills Training

  3. Aftercare Planning